Personal Property / Lost and Found

Personal Property

Students are responsible for the personal property that they bring to the school building, on school grounds, on a school-sponsored function such as a field trip, or on a school bus.  Fairfax County Public Schools does not assume responsibility for the personal property of students and does not insure their property or otherwise reimburse students for loss of or damage to their property.  Students and their parents should consider carefully the value of property brought to school.  Electronic games, expensive equipment, and excess money should not be brought to school.  Students may not bring toys or stuffed animals to school unless the items are related to a current unit of study or approved by the classroom teacher.  North Springfield staff members may not accept responsibility for student property on behalf of the school.

Students may not bring playground equipment from home including footballs and soccer balls, to use at school.  If a student brings equipment, his/her teacher will take it and return it to the student at the end of the day.  Parents will be called if the item cannot safely be taken home on the bus.

Lost and Found

Parents, please label all clothing and lunch boxes so lost items can be quickly identified and returned to the owner. Articles found in classrooms are temporarily held by the teacher until identified by the child. After a reasonable time, these articles are placed in the "lost and found area" in the cafeteria.  Parents are encouraged to come to school to check for lost items. Inquire in the office about smaller items such as glasses, keys, or jewelry. All unclaimed articles remaining in the lost and found area at the end of each semester will be given to a charitable organization.