North Springfield Elementary School actively protects children’s right to learn in an environment that allows them to acquire the best education available. Students have a responsibility to behave in such a manner that does not interfere with the safety and learning of others.  Serious discipline issues will be handled swiftly and firmly.  Parents will be informed of issues and are expected to be involved in problem-solving strategies.  Our school commitment to valued character qualities forms the basis of our proactive behavioral expectations. These qualities are: Respect, Responsibility, Courage, Honesty, Cooperation, and Perseverance.

To achieve the goal of providing education of the highest quality, the Fairfax County School Board and the state of Virginia have defined the rights and responsibilities of students in elementary schools. The booklet, Student Rights and Responsibilities, outlines school discipline regulations and rules of conduct. It is distributed to all students entering the school. Parents acknowledge receipt and review of this booklet by returning the signature sheet located on the first page of the booklet.

 Regulation 2601.24P covers discipline procedures/policies. As a reminder, weapons and look alike weapons which include guns, knives (including pocket knives), cap guns or caps, and firecrackers are classified as weapons.  Possession of these items will result in suspension from school.  Fairfax County has a zero tolerance for violence policy which requires a disciplinary response to aggressive or threatening actions.  If you ever have a concern regarding your child’s safety during school or on the way to or from school, call the principal immediately at (703) 658-5500.