Advanced Academics Program (AAP)

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Fall 2020 AAP Information 

NSES AAP Website

Need more information? Visit our NSES AAP website. You will find Photos, Parent Information, Newsletters, and Screening information. 

Level 1 Services: Critical and Creative Thinking How to Develop Critical Thinking in Your Child

Enrichment Opportunities/Children's Literature  

Level II and III: Differentiated and Part-Time Services

Referral Form  

Level IV Services: Full Time Services

The AAP Level IV referral (2-5 grades) deadline is December 1, 2020.  All applications and support materials are submitted to Heather Jenkins, AART at @email. Parents may submit up to 4 work samples. Awards, certificates, and letters of recommendation have been discontinued and will not be part of screening files.

Contact: Heather Jenkins, Advanced Academic Resource Teacher, @email

Advanced Academics Program (AAP)