Advanced Academics Program (AAP)

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Fall 2023 AAP Information 

NSES AAP Website

Need more information? Visit our NSES AAP website. You will find Photos, Parent Information, Newsletters, and Screening information. 

Level 1 Services

All students receive talent development lessons with critical and creative thinking strategies and AAP curriculum lessons.

Level II & III Services

Level II: Identified students receive AAP curriculum lessons in the general education setting in areas of academic strength.

Level III: Identified students receive AAP curriculum lessons in more than one academic content area. The Advanced Academic Resource Teacher (AART) leads these lessons. Programming has increased depth and complexity in several content areas.Level IV Services: Full Time Services

Identified students receive AAP curriculum lessons full-time. Programming has increased depth, complexity, and pace in all academic content areas.

Level IV Services

The window to submit an AAP Level IV Referral Form is the first day of school through December 15, annually.  Forms for full-time and part-time referrals are available on the AAP Forms Page. No late referrals for Level IV services can be accepted. 

Submitting a referral form for AAP Level IV will initiate a process that begins at the local school and is then completed at the central office level. Our school will put together a portfolio that includes multiple data which are considered holistically. At the central office level, a committee of professionals from various schools review materials to determine eligibility for level IV placement.  Eligibility decisions are communicated by early April. Parents may request a copy of the portfolio that was submitted after they have been turned in for central selection by emailing Shana Twitchell at @email Referrals for AAP Levels II-III (part-time services) are screened at the local school. 

For more information, there are parent presentations available on the FCPS AAP website (under “Presentations”) that contain information similar to our fall parent information meetings at North Springfield Elementary.

AAP Forms

All AAP forms, including Level II & III and Level IV referral forms, can be accessed in multiple languages by visiting the AAP Forms Page

Contact: Shana Twitchell, Advanced Academic Resource Teacher, @email 

Advanced Academics Program (AAP)