School Counseling

North Springfield's school counselor is Jennifer Mrowka, @email.

Counseling services include: 

  • Classroom Lessons - Classroom lessons are a way for the counselor to work with every student in the school.  The counselor talks about different topics--from friendship to conflict resolution to making positive choices.  Teachers also may request a special lesson or co-teach a lesson.
  • Group Counseling - From time to time, the counselor will meet with a group of students for several sessions and discuss a theme such as grief, changing families, friendship, organization, self-discipline etc.  Groups are formed from parent, teacher, administrator, and self-referrals.  A letter is always sent home asking for parental permission with a brief summary of each week's topic. 
  • Individual Counseling - From time to time, students may need to meet with a counselor privately.  Individual counseling is a way for students to work on skills in a one-on-one setting.  This is designed as a brief intervention. If a student is in need of more intensive therapy the counselor will make a referral for the student and, of course, be in constant contact with the student's parents.
  • Consultation - The counselor is constantly consulting with teachers to help ensure the best quality education for all students.  They brainstorm ideas, develop strategies, and express opinions. The counselor is also available to do the same with parents.  They are happy to meet with you to discuss any concerns you may have about your child or your child's education.  

North Springfield's social worker, Traci Reno, @email, and school psychologist, Katerina Fabian, @email, provide a wide range of services and are knowledgeable about state and local programs that can assist students and families. They serve several schools.

FCPS School Counseling Services

Bullying Prevention and Intervention

FCPS is deeply committed to creating a safe and positive school environment where all students can learn.